Adam Russell Personal Trainer offers online group training and fitness classes to help build community and human connection.

In this climate, many of us have felt disconnected, lost, overwhelmed and anxious with a global pandemic affecting our social norms, health and livelihoods.

Consequently, this has highlighted the importance of community and human connection, in our everyday lives.

The coming together of friends, family, colleagues and/or strangers with shared interests has changed from being easy to arrange and something that we take for granted, to something that we have to reconfigure and plan ahead for - albeit in-person or online!

If you find yourself wanting to see family or friends on a regular basis, create your own community, or provide alternative activity within the workplace - have you considered online group training?

It could be a one-off online "event" just for fun, or perhaps a different way to schedule in and maintain regular contact - think of it as a shared experience, all with a fitness-focus!

Please feel get in touch with any ideas, collaborations or queries. I am here to help!